The Peloponnese is considered as one the most beautiful and interesting areas in Greece. All the famous ancient places like Olympia, Delphi, Epidauros, Mykene, Korinth, Nafplion, Sparta etc. are only a stones throw away.

Patras: local capital, shopping city, in 35 km distance from Egio, destination point for ferries from Italy and Greek Islands. The old city and the castle are part of all sightseeing tours.

Egio: Center of our activities. Little cosy city between the seaside and surrounding wine yards, olive trees and citrus farms.

North-Peloponnese is famous for its romantic, untouched nature in the middle of the green wine region of Achaia, with friendly climate in the summer as well as in the winter times.

Fascinating mountains with its small villages and monasteries far away from the tourist main stream.
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